Luke Carlson

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  • Florence Whale Explosion

    On November 9, 1970, a forty-five-foot, eight-ton sperm whale washed ashore near Florence on Oregon's south coast. In addition to the stench and the possibility that the body would burst, local officials were concerned that people curious about the carcass might climb on it and fall in. The agency …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Willis Hawley (1864-1941)

    Republican Willis Chatman Hawley represented the 1st Congressional District in northwest Oregon from March 1907 to March 1933. As chair of the House Ways and Means Committee in 1929-1931, he co-sponsored with Senator Reed Smoot (R-UT) the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, one of the most controversial measures ever passed …

    Oregon Encyclopedia