Johanna Ogden

Johanna Ogden is an independent historian and activist from Oregon. In 2013 she initiated and was the consulting historian for Astoria’s Ghadar Party Centenary Commemoration. Her publications include “Ghadar, Historical Silences & Notions of Belonging,” Oregon Historical Quarterly, Summer 2012; “Ghadar’s Oregon Roots,” The Ghadar Movement: Background, Ideology, Action and Legacies (Punjabi Uni: 2013). She is presently writing a book regarding Ghadar’s ties to Oregon.

Author's Entries

  • East Indians of Oregon and the Ghadar Party

    In the early twentieth century, five to six hundred men and one family of East Indians lived along the Columbia River, from The Dalles to the coast, with the largest numbers settling in St. Johns and Astoria. A small group also worked for the railroads in southern Oregon. The …

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