Joseph E. Taylor

Joseph E. Taylor III is a professor and holds the Canada Research Chair in history and geography at Simon Fraser University. He is the author of Making Salmon: An Environmental History of the Northwest Fishery Crisis.

Author's Entries

  • Robert Deniston Hume (1845-1908)

    Love him or hate him, Robert Deniston Hume, called R.D. for short, was a compelling figure in Oregon history. Born in 1845 into a family of poor Maine fishers, he watched several older siblings migrate to California in the early 1850s. By the time he followed in 1864, older brothers …

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  • Salmon

    “Salmon” originally meant Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), a species native to the North Atlantic rim and Arctic Ocean above Western Europe. In 1972, however, the taxonomist Johann Julius Walbaum applied the name to a group of fishes native to the watersheds of the North Pacific and Arctic in …

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