Victoria Sturtevant

Victoria Sturtevant taught sociology and environmental studies at Southern Oregon University from 1980 to 2008 and is consultant for federal agencies. Her research focuses on the social dimensions of forest management, particularly community involvement in social and ecological monitoring, wildfire planning, and collaborative stewardship. She worked with such groups as Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative, Alliance of Forest Workers and Harvesters, and Applegate Partnership; she served on the City of Ashland’s Economic Development and Wildfire Mitigation Commissions. She has contributed to various workshops, reports, journals and books on collaboration, community assessment, and wildfire planning, and co-edited a book, Forest Community Connections. 

Author's Entries

  • Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council

    Since its founding in 1992, the Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council has served as a collaborator among private and public landowners, farmers, ranchers, loggers, scientists, environmentalists, Native tribes, and communities to address issues relating to the ecological and economic health of the Applegate Valley in southern Oregon. Based in Jacksonville, …

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