Susan Kephart

Susan R. Kephart, professor of biology at Willamette University, publishes on plant-pollinator interactions, species boundaries, and hybridization and on how scientists and reporters differ in their writing write wilderness, global climate change, and biodiversity. She has served on National Science Foundation panels, led Earthwatch Research Expeditions, and held offices for the Oregon Academy of Sciences and the Native Plant Society of Oregon. She works with diverse undergraduates and volunteers to restore native species to human-altered landscapes, with recent funding from the Oregon Community Foundation and M.J. Murdock Trust. She is an advocate for conservation, diversity, and local watersheds.

Author's Entries

  • Camas

    Camas is a North American bulb-forming geophyte whose greatest diversity lies in Oregon, home to over 65 percent of the named species. The names Camassia, camas, qém’es, quamash, and pa-siko all refer to the group of spring herbs whose white to blue-purple flowers form spectacular displays …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Morton Peck (1871-1959)

    Born in a log cabin in Iowa on March 12, 1871, Morton Peck was an inspiring teacher and botanist, esteemed for his knowledge of Oregon flora. His lifetime collections, which he began at age eleven, included over 40,000 plants, 1,600 slime molds, and over 50 new species that are now …

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