Rich Wandschneider

Rich Wandschneider moved to northeastern Oregon in 1971 as a community development agent with the OSU Extension Service. In 1976, he opened a bookstore in Enterprise; and in 1988, with help from historian and part-time Wallowa County resident Alvin Josephy and Kim Stafford at Lewis & Clark College, he founded Fishtrap Inc. to promote "clear thinking and good writing in and about the West." Rich writes a regular column for the Wallowa County Chieftain and has written for several magazines and newspapers, including the Oregonian, High Country News, Portland Magazine, and High Desert Journal.

Author's Entries

  • Alvin Josephy (1915-2005)

    Alvin Josephy was born in Woodmere, New York, in 1915, and died in his Greenwich, Connecticut, home on October 16, 2005. For over half of his ninety years, he had a small ranch near Joseph, and he considered Oregon home. His last book was a memoir titled A Walk toward …

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  • Fishtrap Inc.

    Fishtrap had its beginnings in 1987, when writers Kim Stafford, of the Northwest Writing Institute, and Peter Sears,  at the Oregon Arts Commission, convened a Northwest Writers Gathering at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. Writers George Venn, David Memmot, and Rich Wandschneider represented Oregon’s east side at …

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  • Lloyd Doss (1920-2011)

    Lloyd Thomas Doss gained fame playing with some of the best Western music bands of the 1940s and 50s. He was born in Weiser, Idaho, in 1920. The family moved to La Grande, Oregon, in 1922, where Lloyd "Tommy" Doss learned to play harmonica and guitar and, in 1939, …

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