Ralph Beebe

Ralph Beebe holds a B.A. from George Fox University (1954), an M.Ed. from Linfield College (1955), and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Oregon (1969, 1972). He taught history at Willamette and Churchill high schools (1957-1974) and at George Fox (1974-1997), where he is now professor emeritus. He is a member of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church and has written its history (A Garden of the Lord, 1968), the history of George Fox University (I, 1991), Blessed are the Peacemakers: The Life of a Palestinian Christian, 1990, 2003), and three other books.

Author's Entries

  • George Fox University

    George Fox University’s roots reach to 1885 and the founding in what is now Newberg of Friends Pacific Academy, with future President Herbert Hoover one of its original nineteen students. The school was expanded in 1891 with the addition of Pacific College, which enrolled nine students the first year. Financial …

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  • Newberg

    Newberg, the second largest city in Yamhill County, is located about a mile north of a northerly bend in the Willamette River. The city is located in the eastern part of the county, about twenty-three miles southwest of Portland and fourteen miles northeast of McMinnville. The development of …

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  • Quakers in Oregon

    Quakerism as a religious denomination came to Oregon in the 1870s, when Iowan William Hobson urged his fellow Quakers to migrate and settle in the Newberg area. In 1878, they formed a "meeting for worship." The group grew rapidly and in 15 years numbered about 1,700 in nine Willamette Valley …

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