Patrick Forster

Patrick Forster is the Director of Continuing Education at Pacific Northwest College of Art. He holds an MA in history from Portland State University.

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  • Henrietta Henderson Failing (1868-1953)

    Henrietta Henderson Failing (1868-1953) was a pioneering leader of the Portland Art Association, the parent organization of the Portland Art Museum and the Museum Art School. Shortly after the association was founded in 1892, she was appointed the first executive administrator, a position she held until she resigned …

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  • Portland Art Museum School

    In October 1909, the Portland Art Association (PAA) opened its school, at the time the Pacific Northwest’s most significant education program in the studio arts. In 1933, it was named the Museum Art School (MAS). The Art School, as it was called, complemented the burgeoning museum efforts of the seventeen-year-old …

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