Peggy Nagae

Peggy Nagae, a Sansei, was raised in Boring, where her parents—incarcerated during World War II—owned a farm. She represented Minoru Yasui in re-opening his World War II case, worked on the National Japanese American Citizens League Redress Committee (1978), and was appointed to the Civil Liberties Public Education Fund Board (1996). Nagae was assistant dean, University of Oregon School of Law; board member, Asian American Justice Center; co-chair, Leadership Advisory Council, National Asian Pacific American Bar Association; and program director, National Center for Asian Pacific American Women. She is a consultant in organizational and management change, diversity/inclusion, and strategic planning.

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  • Minoru Yasui (1916–1986)

    Minoru Yasui was born in Hood River on October 16, 1916, the third son of Japanese immigrants Shidzuyo and Masuo Yasui. In 1939, Yasui became one of the first Japanese Americans to graduate from the University of Oregon School of Law and the first Japanese American member of the Oregon …

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