KC Piccard-Krone

K.C. Piccard-Krone heads NW Historical Perspectives, the volunteer group in charge of the Oregon Civil War 150th Commission. She served as president for two consecutive terms of the Friends of History at Portland State University and other area nonprofits.  She is an expert in Oregon pioneer history and designed "Lincoln Bicentennial week at PSU" and "Civil War 150th Tribute to Oregon US Senator Edward Baker" held in Salem on Oct 21, 2011. She has published numerous articles on the Civil War and is a member of the AASLH, founding member of the Oregon Lincoln 200th, and Oregon Assoc of Lincoln Scholars. She is currently writing a book on a history of the mayors of Portland.

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    Loaves and Fishes Centers was established in Portland by a group of people who organized in 1969 to find ways to meet the nutritional and social needs of neglected area seniors. The paramount goal of the founders of this grassroots nonprofit organization was the eradication of senior hunger and malnutrition …

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