Susan Bell

A graduate of University of California Santa Barbara, Susan N. Bell moved to Salem from Hawaii in l981 and, while working as an Instructor at Chemeketa Community College, became intrigued by Oregon's rich history. She has written articles for Honolulu Magazine, the Hawaiian Journal of History, and contributed to the book Unforgettable True Stories of the Hawaiian Kingdom. In Oregon, she has written for and is the current editor of Beaver Briefs, a quarterly of the Willamette Genealogical Society, through which she has published several articles. Her present projects include "Salem Yesterdays" and a history of Hawaiians in the Old Oregon Country.

Author's Entries

  • Salem's Colored School and Little Central

    The first school open to African American students in Oregon—referred to as the Colored School—was founded in March 1867 by African American residents in Salem. In 1868, the original school closed when the city opened a segregated public school called Little Central, which was also called the “Colored School.” Oregon …

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