Nicholas Starin

Nicholas Starin has a history degree from the University of Oregon and a Master's of Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State. He works for the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability as a historic resources planner. in 2008, he co-authored the National Historic Landmark nomination for Portland's Skidmore/Old Town Historic District. He has a passion for historical bibliography and is forever compiling bibliographies for the history and architecture of Portland and Oregon.

Author's Entries

  • Portland Seamen's Friend Society

    The Portland Seamen's Friend Society was organized in 1877 by Reverend R.S. Stubbs and prominent Portland merchants, including Henry Corbett, William S. Ladd, Simeon Reed, and Edward Quackenbush. An affiliate of the American Seamen's Friend Society in New York, its mission was to promote the "temporal, moral and spiritual …

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