Katrine Barber

Katrine Barber is associate professor of history at Portland State University. She teaches Pacific Northwest, western U.S. history, and public history. She is a member of the Native American Studies faculty and is the director of the Center for Columbia River History (www.ccrh.org), a consortium of PSU, Washington State University Vancouver, and the Washington State Historical Society. She left her home town of Portland, Oregon, for graduate studies at Washington State University, where she earned her doctorate in American Studies in 1999. She is the author of Death of Celilo Falls (University of Washington Press, 2005).

Author's Entries

  • Celilo Falls

    Celilo Falls (also known as Horseshoe Falls) was located on the mid-Columbia River about twelve miles east of The Dalles. It was part of an approximately nine-mile-long Indigenous fishery that included sites such as the Upper Dalles, the Lower Dalles, Three Mile Rapids, Five Mile Rapids, and Big …

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  • Flora Cushinway Thompson (1898–1978)

    Flora Cushinway Thompson (enrolled Warm Springs) was a spiritual and community leader who lived at Celilo Village on the mid-Columbia River. An accomplished speaker and advocate for Indigenous rights, she was a prominent and well-regarded leader in the Pacific Northwest who was familiar to both Native and non-Native …

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  • Gertrude Jensen (1903-1986)

    Gertrude Glutsch Jensen was a civic leader in the protection of the Columbia River Gorge, from the 1940s until her death in 1986. She operated as a lobbyist at the state level and eventually on the national stage through her involvement in organizations such as the Portland Women’s Forum and …

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