Nancy Hoskins

Nancy Arthur Hoskins, a former college weaving instructor, researched Coptic collections in over fifty museums. She is the author of The Coptic Tapestry Albums and the Archaeologist of Antinoé, Albert Gayet; Universal Stitches for Weaving, Embroidery, and Other Fiber Arts; Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves: Tabby to Taqueté; numerous articles; and has contributed chapters about Egyptian textiles to four other books. She has presented lectures and workshops for national and international guilds and conferences. Hoskins’ art fabrics have been in solo, group, and invitational exhibits.

Author's Entries

  • Flax and Linen Industry of Oregon

    From the mid-1840s until the 1950s, fields of blue-flowering flax flourished in the fertile Willamette Valley to support the only flax industry in the United States. The soil and climate were perfect for growing superior flax, and the plants were transformed into lustrous linen yarn and fabrics. Several species of …

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