Megan K. Friedel

Megan K. Friedel is assistant professor and Head of Archives at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries.  Prior to her current position, she worked as curator of photography at History Colorado, as well as photo archivist at the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Oregon Historical Society, where she curated the exhibition, Carleton Watkins: Stereoviews of the Columbia River Gorge, and co-authored, with Terry Toedtemeier, an award-winning article on Watkins's stereo photography of the river in 1867.  Megan holds a B.A. from Amherst College, as well as an M.A. in History and an M.S. in Library and Information Sciences, both from Simmons College.

Author's Entries

  • Carleton Emmons Watkins (1829-1916)

    Carleton Emmons Watkins was a prominent San Francisco-based photographer who first visited and photographed Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge in 1867. From July through October of that year, he traveled the upper Willamette River and the Columbia River Gorge, photographing its landscapes, early settlements, and the burgeoning railroad and …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Terry Toedtemeier (1947-2008)

    Terry Norman Toedtemeier was an Oregon photographer known for his images of the landscape and geology of the Pacific Northwest and for his long career as curator of photography at the Portland Art Museum.  Toedtemeier was born in Portland in 1947. He earned a bachelor’s degree in earth sciences …

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