Mason Drukman

Mason Drukman received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked as chief editor of the Consumers’ Institute of New Zealand, as editor and publisher of The Oregon Times, and as a professor of political science at Reed College and the University of California. His writing has appeared in California Magazine, The Nation, The New Zealand Listener, Oregon Magazine, and the Western Political Quarterly. He is the author of Community and Purpose in America (McGraw-Hill) and Wayne Morse, A Political Biography (OHS Press). He currently works as a freelance writer and poet in Berkeley.

Author's Entries

  • Wayne Morse (1900-1974)

    Wayne Morse and the Vietnam War: the name and the conflict will be forever linked in American history. Not only did Morse, senator from Oregon, 1945-1969, cast one of the two votes against the 1964 Tonkin Gulf resolution, which gave congressional approval to America's enlarged military involvement in Vietnam, but …

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