Lee Lewis Husk

Lee Lewis Husk is a Bend-based freelance writer specializing in healthcare, medicine, and science. She has written for the Bend Bulletin, the Oregonian, Bend Living, and 1859 Oregon's Magazine, as well as dozens of publications of the Oregon Health & Science University. She recently completed a history of dermatology booklet for the OHSU Department of Dermatology. She spent thirteen years at OHSU, serving as the media relations director and spokeswoman, and before that worked as the communications director at the Oregon Medical Association. She graduated from Portland State University in 1978.

Author's Entries

  • Aaron B. Lerner (1921-2007)

    The man known as the “dean of pigmentation,” Aaron Bunsen Lerner, spent three years in Oregon doing research that proved vital in understanding mammalian skin color. Lerner, called “The Bunsen Burner” by his high school classmates, was a scientist’s scientist. Born in 1921, he later took Bunsen as his middle …

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  • Frances J. Storrs (1939-)

    Frances Storrs, an acclaimed physician and dermatologist, helped clear the path for generations of women physicians in Oregon and throughout the nation. When Storrs accepted a teaching position at Oregon Health & Science University’s Department of Dermatology in 1968, dermatology was “basically a men’s club,” said faculty member and dermatologist Richard …

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  • Thomas B. Fitzpatrick (1919-2003)

    Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, M.D., Ph.D., was a twentieth-century superstar in dermatology. He spent only six years in Oregon, but during that time he helped elevate the status and reputation of the University of Oregon School of Medicine’s Division of Dermatology (now a department of the School of Medicine at Oregon …

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  • Walter Lobitz, Jr. (1911-2006)

    Walter Lobitz Jr. was one of the most influential dermatologists in Oregon during the twentieth century. He was named head of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Oregon Medical School (now Oregon Health & Science University) in 1959. During his eighteen-year tenure, the small division, consisting of two …

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