Linda Strine

Linda Strine is a native Oregonian, raised on the Southern Oregon coast, and was one of the twelve jurors in the New Carissa trial pertaining to the stern's removal.  Linda retired in 2003 after twenty-seven years with North Bend School District, twenty-four of which she was the administrative assistant to the superintendent of schools.  She resides in North Bend, Oregon, with a view of the bay that the New Carissa successfully navigated at least twelve times before  meeting her demise off the shores of Coos Bay in 1999.

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  • New Carissa trials

    A 639-foot freighter, the New Carissa, ran aground in inclement weather off the southern Oregon port of Coos Bay on February 4, 1999. It broke in two after several unsuccessful salvage attempts, and the bow was eventually sunk at sea by a Navy torpedo. The massive stern section remained …

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