Rebecca Landis

Rebecca Landis is market director of Corvallis-Albany Farmers’ Markets, a nonprofit association that operates two farmers’ markets in Corvallis and one in Albany. She has been involved with organizing Oregon farmers’ markets since 1991 and began managing her first farmers’ market in 1995 while continuing freelance writing and editing work. Before her escape from the windowless cubicle to the world of outdoor farmers’ markets, she had a varied career in print journalism, academia, and state and local government. She has a BA in Journalism from North Texas State University (1980) and an MA in Government from the University of Texas at Austin (1985).

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  • Farmers' markets

    Oregon is home to about 120 farmers’ markets, a form of farm-direct marketing that is at once ancient and relatively new. For centuries, farmers have gathered to sell to the public in all parts of the world. Today, farmers’ markets are often open-air gatherings in public places, usually parking lots …

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