Kelly Cannon-Miller

Kelly Cannon-Miller graduated with an M.A. in History from Portland State University in 1994 with a thesis on Fort Clatsop National Memorial. Her career in cultural resource management and museums has taken her from the Oregon Historical Society as a graduate intern through the National Park Service, the museum exhibit design firm Formations, Inc., and the High Desert Museum. She is currently the executive director for the Deschutes County Historical Society in Bend.

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  • A. R. Bowman Memorial Museum

    The A.R. Bowman Memorial Museum, operated by the Crook County Historical Society, is located on the corner of Third and Main Streets in Prineville, Oregon. The museum actively collects, preserves, and maintains artifact and archival collections focused on the history of Crook County. It also offers museum exhibits and …

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  • Fort Clatsop

    Built in 1805 near present-day Astoria, Fort Clatsop was the winter quarters for the Corps of Volunteers for Northwest Discovery, more commonly known as the Corps of Discovery or the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Sent by President Thomas Jefferson, the Expedition had as its assignment the exploration of the …

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