Katy Muldoon

Katy Muldoon is a freelance writer and journalist. She worked as an editor and award-winning staff writer at the Oregonian from 1984 to 2014.

Author's Entries

  • Cloud Cap Inn

    Cloud Cap Inn stands at nearly 6,000 feet on Mount Hood's northeastern flank. Built in 1889, the one-story, crescent-shaped, log-and-shake inn was the mountain's first permanent resort. Portlanders William M. Ladd, a banker, and Charles Erskine Scott Wood, an attorney and writer, enlisted architect William Whidden to design the …

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  • Springfield Creamery

    Long before the natural foods movement went mainstream, Springfield Creamery found its niche there, with its signature brand, Nancy’s Yogurt, made with milk from local dairies, fruit from nearby farms, and natural sweeteners. The family-run company, with roots deep in 1960s counterculture, sells nationwide today. Annual sales exceeded $20 million …

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