Ted Kaye

Ted Kaye came to Oregon in 1957 and graduated from Catlin Gabel School in 1973.  A retired technology CFO and history enthusiast, he worked for the Oregon Historical Society 1993–2000, served as founding executive director of Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon, and chaired the Centennial Committee of City Club of Portland. He has published widely in the flag-studies field, editing the scholarly journal Raven 1996–2012 including four comprehensive books: Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States (1996), American City Flags (2003), Russian Regional Flags (2009), and Canadian City Flags (2011). He compiled the map-guide Lewis & Clark on the Columbia River (2001, rev. 2013).

Author's Entries

  • Catlin Gabel School

    Catlin Gabel School in Portland is the largest nondenominational private school in Oregon, with over 780 students from preschool through the twelfth grade. Considered a national leader in progressive education, the school’s purpose is “supporting inspired learning leading to responsible action,” with an emphasis on academics and experiential learning. It …

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  • City Club of Portland

    City Club of Portland is Oregon’s largest civic affairs group. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational, and research-based organization dedicated to public policy, community service, and leadership development. Through its Friday Forums, citizen-based research reports, and other programs, City Club examines issues of importance to the Portland metropolitan region, the …

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  • Oregon State Flag

    Oregon is the only state in the country whose flag has a different image on each side. It was also among the last states to adopt a flag, only doing so in 1925 after Portland’s postmaster, J.M. Jones, asked for a flag to present to the U.S. Post Office …

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