Jason Younker (Coquille Nation)

Jason T. Younker, PhD, Anthropology (Univ. of Oregon, 2003) is an assistant vice-president and adviser to the president at the University of Oregon. He grew up on South Slough of Coos Bay and wrote his dissertation on Coquille/Kō´Kwell, A Southern Oregon Coast Indian Tribe: Revisiting History, Ingenuity, and Identity. He is a member of the Coquille Nation.

Author's Entries

  • Nasomah Massacre of 1854

    Early explorers noted plankhouse structures up and down the Southern Oregon coast and at the mouth of the Coquille River. It may have been Spanish explorers Juan Perez or Bruno de Hezeta who first described them as rancherias because they reminded them of ranch outbuildings. "At one time," U.S. Army …

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