Gwen Trice

Gwen Trice is the founder of the Maxville Project (2007) and the Executive Director of the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center (MHIC), which filed for incorporation in 2008 after two years of planning and project development. She founded a non-profit cultural heritage center in Wallowa County, created a national and regional governing board, and has created and developed education, collections, and community outreach programs. Gwen serves as a govenor-appointed commissioner on Black Affairs for the State of Oregon.

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  • Maxville

    Maxville, in northeast Oregon east of the town of Wallowa, was home to African American loggers at a time when Oregon’s constitution included a provision excluding Blacks from the state. Maxville had a population of about 400 residents, 40 to 60 of them African American. It was the largest town …

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