Ann Staley

Ann Staley, native of the Keystone State, traveled cross-country in her VW bug during the summer of 1971, picking-up hitch-hikers and delivering them to their destinations. A retired teacher, she has taught writing, literature, and education at five Oregon school districts, four community colleges, and two public and two private universities. For two decades she taught writing workshops at the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis & Clark College. She was a co-founding editor of FIREWEED: Poetry of Western Oregon. Ann is an essayist and poet whose book Primary Sources (2011) was nominated for an Oregon Book Award.

Author's Entries

  • Dead Indian Memorial Road

    Dead Indian Road is one of the oldest trans-Cascade travel routes in southern Oregon, connecting Ashland and the Rogue River Valley with the Upper Klamath Basin. The road crosses the headwaters of Dead Indian Creek a short distance west of Dead Indian Road’s junction with the much newer Keno Road, …

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