Carla Albright

Carla Albright is the Exhibit Coordinator at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. She has curated exhibits of Lucia Wiley’s art for the Tillamook County Courthouse and the museum, and helped with repairs on the Wiley courthouse fresco. Carla has a BA in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has taken post-graduate classes in Fine Art from Seton Hill College, Greensburg, PA. She is the author of Coastal Gardening for the Pacific Northwest, has written several articles for Coastal Living magazine, and has been the gardening columnist for the Tillamook Headlight Herald since 2002.

Author's Entries

  • Elbridge Trask (1815-1863)

    Elbridge Trask, born in Massachusetts on July 15, 1815, was a descendant of Osmond Trask, an early settler of the Massachusetts Bay Plantation. Described by a family member as “six feet tall, [with] flowing red hair," Trask traveled to the Pacific Northwest on the brig May Dacre in 1834. He …

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  • Lucia Wiley (1906-1998)

    Lucia Wiley was a nationally known fresco artist from Tillamook who created a number of murals in Minnesota and Illinois post offices, schools, and armories. In 1940, she won the contract to create a mural at the Tillamook Post Office (now Tillamook City Hall). Captain Gray’s First Visit to the …

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  • Warren Vaughn (1823-1907)

    Born in the town of Barrington in Steuben County, New York, in 1823, Warren Nicholas Vaughn first heard about Tillamook, Oregon Territory, in the fall of 1851 from a friend who encouraged him to settle there. His friend described a beautiful land, with a mild climate and areas where …

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