Darren Borgias

Darren Borgias, a conservation ecologist from Ashland, has worked for twenty-two years with The Nature Conservancy in southern Oregon. He earned an M.S. at Western Washington University and gained experience in natural resources with the National Park Service on the Channel Islands of southern California, the Catalina Island Marine Institute, and the Washington Department of Natural Resources. Darren helped establish and expand several natural area preserves, and he guides their ongoing stewardship. He works closely with stakeholders to restore important forest, woodland, and grassland landscapes and has written a number of technical reports in that vein. 

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  • C. B. Watson (1849-1930)

    Chandler Bruer Watson—attorney, journalist, public servant, prospector, and historian—was southern Oregon's first conservationist. Raised in Pike County, Illinois, Watson arrived in Ashland in 1871. He graduated from the Ashland Academy in 1875 and married his classmate Ella J. Chitwood; they had two children. The couple was prominent in Ashland civic …

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