Charles Edson

Charles Edson has lived in Klamath Falls since 1991 and is the retired director of Klamath County Community Corrections. He became interested in Maud Baldwin, a prolific photographer of the region at the turn of the nineteenth century, which led him to the Klamath County Museum, Maud's socially active and political father, George Baldwin, and the historical landmark, the Baldwin Hotel, which Baldwin built in 1907. 

Author's Entries

  • Baldwin Hotel

    In 1907, George Baldwin opened the Baldwin Hotel in Klamath Falls, which he had built on a steep hillside of hard volcanic rock. Because of its location, the four-story structure was built with longer floors at higher stories, like steps. Early on, it was called the Baldwin Brick. Baldwin’s hardware …

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  • Maud Baldwin (1878-1926)

    Maud Baldwin was born in Linkville (now Klamath Falls) on August 8, 1878, the second of five children of George T. and Josephine Baldwin. Her father was a prominent businessman and politician in southern Oregon, but it is Maud who became better known for her photography and intriguing life.  George …

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