Casey Bush

Casey Bush is an administrator in the research department of the Legacy Health System. He is a well-known Portland poet. Casey is the senior editor of poetry and book reviews for The Bear Deluxe, an environmental arts magazine. He is also nonfiction editor for the on-line magazine Writers Dojo.

Author's Entries

  • Arthur Dake (1910-2000)

    Arthur William Dake, born in 1910 and raised in Portland, burst upon the international chess scene as a teenage phenomenon. He learned chess at age seventeen, and within three years was one of the best players in the world. In 1932, at a tournament in Pasadena, California, he defeated …

    Oregon Encyclopedia

  • Robert Stone Dow (1908-1995)

    Pioneering neuroscientist Robert Stone Dow was Oregon’s first board-certified neurologist. A specialist in the treatment of epilepsy and an expert on the cerebellum, Dow witnessed and participated in many of the advances in the understanding and treatment of neurological disorders during the twentieth century. Born in 1908 in Wray, Colorado, …

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