Russ Karow

Russ Karow was a statewide extension cereals specialist with Oregon State University for 17 years (1983-2000) and then was head of OSU’s Department of Crop and Soil Science for an additional 14 years (2000 – 2104).  In both roles, he had extensive interaction with wheat and other crop producers, crop production support industries, crop production commissions and associations, and state agencies affiliated with crop production.  In both positions he wrote an array of publications on crop-related issues.  In retirement, he was the Executive Director of the Agricultural Research Foundation for five years and is currently gainfully unemployed.

Author's Entries

  • Wheat Farming in Oregon

    In the United States, wheat is consistently among the top five crops in terms of acreage and farm-gate value (corn and soybeans typically vie for the top two spots). While wheat is consistently among the top ten crops grown in Oregon, the acreage given to the grain is relatively small, …

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