Chauncey Anderson

Chauncey Anderson retired in 2023 from the USGS Oregon Water Science Center, where he worked as a Hydrologist and Water Quality Specialist since 1991. He received an MSE in Environmental Engineering from University of Washington, studying lake restoration. While at USGS he has studied the effects of land and water management on freshwater resources, focusing on eutrophication, contaminants, sediment, and ecosystem responses, in Oregon and nationally. He has worked extensively around the impacts of nutrient inputs and the effects of reservoir operations on water quality in receiving waters including both benthic and planktonic algal dynamics.

Author's Entries

  • Harmful Algae Blooms in Oregon

    The term “algae” is a generic description of a diverse group of single and multicellular aquatic plant organisms that produce energy and oxygen through photosynthesis. Algae are a natural and vital part of healthy ecosystems and form the base of most aquatic food webs. The thousands of species of algae …

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