S.E. Harris

S.E. Harris is a public historian based out of Northern Oregon. She was born in Arizona where she studied American social and political history before moving to the Pacific Northwest. She priorities collaboration in her work and seeks to share authority with the communities that her work represents. In 2022, when she graduated from Portland State University with her M.A. in Public History, she began the process of publishing her graduate research on historic restaurants in Oregon and the state’s first Black-owned bakery: the Milwaukie Pastry Kitchen. She sits on the board of the Milwaukie Museum and leads accessible walking tours in the historic downtown.

Author's Entries

  • Dorothy Hadley (1942–) and Hurtis Hadley (1942–)

    On April 19, 1977, when Hurtis and Dorothy Bishop Butler Hadley opened the Milwaukie Pastry Kitchen, they became the owners of the first Black-owned business in the City of Milwaukie and the first Black-owned bakery in the State of Oregon. For eight years, Hurtis Hadley arrived early in the morning …

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