Kim Nelson

Kim Nelson is a Research Wildlife Ecologist in the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences at Oregon State University. Her research has focused on the ecology and habitat associations of seabirds, specifically using modeling and habitat data to better understand and help resolve wildlife conservation and management issues. She has studied the nest-site characteristics, stand and landscape associations, abundance, and nesting behavior of seabirds of the Pacific, including Marbled Murrelets, Long-billed Murrelets, Japanese Murrelets, Caspian Terns, and a variety of species in forests of the Pacific Northwest and at mixed seabird colonies in the Bering Sea. She has published more than 60 scientific papers on her research.  Originally from Colorado, she moved to Oregon in the mid 1970s because of her love of the ocean, forests, and mountains.  She spends her free time birdwatching, gardening, traveling, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Author's Entries

  • Marbled Murrelet

    The marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) is a unique and cryptic seabird species of older-aged coastal forests and nearshore waters of western Oregon. The health of murrelet populations is intrinsically connected to the health of forests and oceans, and the historic and current degradation of their habitat in Oregon …

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