Renae Campbell

Renae Campbell is a historical archaeology doctoral student at the University of Idaho, where she is also a research assistant at the Asian American Comparative Collection (AACC). She is an editor of the AACC Newsletter and co-creator of the Historical Japanese Ceramic Comparative Collection, a digital resource for identifying Japanese ceramics found on archaeological sites in the American West. Renae holds a BA in history, a MA in anthropology, and worked as a professional archaeologist in Oregon for several years. 

Author's Entries

  • The Myth of Chinese Tunnels in Pendleton

    Pendleton is one of several Oregon communities rumored to have underground passageways that were built and occupied by Chinese residents during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Since the late 1980s, tourism, media depictions, and works of fiction have promoted and embellished these rumors to the extent that certain …

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