Jim Labbe

Jim Labbe was born in Oregon and studied history at Reed College and geography at Portland State University. He worked for Applegate Partnership and the Audubon Society of Portland, and his work in both rural and urban Oregon has focused on community-based natural resource conservation and planning. He is the author of a Winter 2019 article in the Oregon Historical Quarterly on "The Colored Brother’s Few Defenders: Oregon Abolitionists and their Followers." His research interests and professional publications span history, earth sciences, regionalism, and conservation. Labbe works for Participatory Budgeting Oregon and lives in North Portland.

Author's Entries

  • Henry Hamilton Hicklin (1825–1873)

    White supremacy dominated opposition to slavery in mid-nineteenth-century Oregon and shaped the conservatism of its Civil War-era Republican Party. But when the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act re-opened controversies over slavery with unprecedented fervor, antislavery radicals took the lead in organizing an insurgent Republican Party. Henry Hicklin was one such radical in …

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