Sue Waldron

Sue Waldron is a native of Medford and a graduate of Southern Oregon University, where she received a Bachelor's degree in history.  She was the researcher and writer for the Exhibits Department at the Southern Oregon Historical Society and a frequent contributor to their publication, The Table Rock Sentinel.  She was the researcher for A Lasting Impression: Life and Art of Regina Dorland Robinson” (2007) and the author of “County Folk: Stories of Early Jackson County Residents,” (2021).

Author's Entries

  • Masuzo Maruyama (1903–1941)

    Masuzo Maruyama boarded the Iyo Maru in Kobe, Japan, on March 15, 1903, his twenty-fifth birthday. When he went ashore in Seattle ten days later, he carried $110 in American money and a letter promising a job in San Francisco. Over the next thirty-eight years, Maruyama lived in Medford, …

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