Paul Steinle

Paul Steinle is a veteran journalist, news media manager, filmmaker, author and educator. He taught journalism, including non-fiction writing, and cinema at the University of Miami (1991-1997) and Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Conn., (1997-2001); from 2001-2010, he taught journalism and served as associate provost, Southern Oregon University (2004-2010). And, he taught non-fiction writing, online, for graduate students at Quinnipiac University, 2001 – 2013. From 1961-1990, Steinle was a professional broadcast journalist, foreign correspondent, documentary filmmaker, author, and news manager. He served as president of the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation (SPJ), 1995-2000. Steinle has an M.B.A., Harvard University; an M.S., radio-TV, Syracuse University; and a B.A., Amherst College.