Daryl Browne

Daryl Sipko Browne is a retired public school teacher, musician, and writer. She has taught music, second grade and kindergarten in Portland and the Beaverton Public Schools and in Eagle, Idaho.   Her arts reviews, many co-written with Bruce Browne, have been published in Oregon Arts Watch.

Author's Entries

  • Bach Cantata Choir

    Few choirs dedicate themselves to a specific performance achievement goal around one composer, but the Bach Cantata Choir of Portland has done just that. In 2004, Portlander Ralph Nelson came upon Helmuth Rilling’s landmark CD collection of Bach: The Complete Cantatas (1985). Within two years of listening to the …

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  • Bob Books

    Bob Books was the brainchild of Bobby Lynn Maslen, a preschool teacher at Catlin Gabel School in Portland from 1968 to 1980. Her students had a desire to be readers and to discover how words and pictures tell a story, and she searched for engaging books that used the letter-sound …

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  • Cappella Romana

    Cappella Romana is a Portland-based elite choral ensemble that performs and interprets early music from Eastern and Western Christian cultures. The nonprofit group and its founder, Alexander Lingas, have performed choral literature since 1991, making a significant contribution to the Pacific Northwest choral music scene. Through its critically acclaimed …

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  • Festival Chorale Oregon

    Formed in 1979, Festival Chorale Oregon began in Stayton, Oregon, as an a cappella choir with eight singers under the direction of Solveig Holmquist. Now with approximately a hundred singers, and still under Holmquist’s direction, the Chorale performs regularly at the historic Elsinore Theatre in Salem. Its missions are to …

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  • Portland Symphonic Girlchoir

    The Portland Symphonic Girlchoir, the city’s first public choir for girls, was launched by the Portland Symphonic Choir in 1989. It was a volatile period for the arts, as school funding was threatened by the passage of Measure 5 and Portland-area school music programs faced devastating cuts. Now at …

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