Peter Sleeth

Peter Sleeth is a freelance writer based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He is a 1983 graduate of the University of Oregon's journalism program. He won a 2007 Pulitzer Prize in journalism for his work as a member of a reporting team for the Oregonian. He is a fifth-generation Oregonian whose Oregon Trail ancestors helped settle Benton County in 1853. He spent 30 years at newspapers across the country, taking him to locales ranging from the American West to South America to the Middle East during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. His research interests center on 19th Century Oregon as well as the role of Quakers in ending slavery.

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  • Thomas Joseph Burns (1876-1957)

    In his fifty-two years in Oregon, Tom Burns threw himself into nearly every liberal movement of his time. His passions galloped from women’s rights to labor reform to socialism. He faced down Governor Oswald West on the lines of the 1913 women’s cannery strike, stood with the equally radical Dr. …

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