Claudia Welala Long (Nez Perce)

Claudia Welala Long, PhD., MSW, BSW, and enrolled Nez Perce Katsah and second-generation Finn, is a retired professor of Indigeneous Nations Studies and Social Research, including cultural identity and ending violence against Native women and children. She attended Jefferson High School, Portland Community College (AA) and Portland State University, and the Indian School of Social Work (BSW, MSW, PhD). In a naming ceremony in 1998, she was given her great-great-grandmother's name by her aunt and sister in a ceremony in Kamiah. She returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2010. Her writing is focused on indigenous narrative storytelling that emphasizes providing accurate information through Indigenous ways of knowing~~storytelling narrative~~and importantly, with recognition that it is based on one woman's experience and perceptions that are neither final nor a complete representation of the collective Native experience. Yoq'kalo.           

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  • Urban Indians in Oregon

    The Portland Metro area rests on traditional village sites of Native peoples. These include those of Chinookan-speaking (or Kiksht-speaking) peoples, such as the Multnomah, Cascade, Clackamas, and Clowwewalla, who made their homes along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, creating communities and summer encampments in areas rich in natural resources. …

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