Jessica Bucciarelli

Jessica Manly Bucciarelli was raised in Northeast Portland and now lives west of the West Hills. A first generation Oregonian with Connecticut roots, she attended Vernon Elementary, Catlin Gabel, and Lincoln High schools as well as Oberlin College. In the two decades between graduating from Oberlin and returning to Portland, she lived in San Francisco, eastern Indiana, and LA. She works in the culture, equity and learning program of a local government agency. She writes personal essay, although her fascination with Daniel Drew has led her into researching and writing biography. She is a practicing Quaker.

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  • Daniel Drew (1843–1923)

    Daniel Drew was a civic and religious figure in the Willamette Valley from 1901 until his death in 1923. Throughout Drew’s time in Oregon, only about a quarter of one percent of the state’s population was Black—just over one thousand people when he arrived and two thousand when he died. …

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