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Some topics in Oregon History are so big that they require a longer entry. 

Topics such as the Oregon Trail, Woman's Suffrage, Blacks in Oregon, and the Columbia River are too complex to cover in a standard-sized encyclopedia entry. The OE asked experts to write essays on these larger topics. Each essay includes historical photographs and links to digitized primary source documents on the Oregon History Project.


Blacks in Oregon, 
by Darrell Millner
Cartography of Oregon, 1507-1848,
by James Walker
Chinese Americans in Oregon,
by Douglas Lee
blacks in Oregon map chinese



Columbia River, 
by William Lang
Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde,
by David Lewis
Disease Epidemics among Indians,
by Robert Boyd
Columbia river Grand Ronde Disease epidemics


Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement,
by Peter Boag
High Desert, 
by Jeff LaLande
Japanese American Wartime
Incarcerationin Oregon,
by Craig Collisson

gay and lesbian rights
high desert Japanese Incarceration


Japanese Americans in Oregon,
by George Katagiri
Latinos in Oregon,
by Jerry Garcia
Lewis and Clark Expedition,
by William Lang
Japanese Americans Latinos in Oregon Lewis


National Forests in Oregon,
by Gerald Williams
Oregon and the Film Industry,
by Edwin Battistella
Oregon Literature, 1814-1920,
by Richard Etulain
Siskiyou Film industry Oregon lit


Oregon Literature, 1920-present,
by Richard Etulain
Oregon Trail,
by William Lang
by Carl Abbott
Oregon lit Oregon trail Portland


Termination and Restoration,
by Donald Fixico
Willamette River,
by William G. Robbins
Willamette Valley Treaties,
by David Lewis
termination willamette treaties map


Woman Suffrage in Oregon, 
by Kimberly Jensen
 Mount Hood, by Jon Bell Fort Vancouver,
by Greg Shine
suffrage Mt hood fort vancouver