The Oregon Encyclopedia Project: A Resource for Teachers—Summer Workshop

The Oregon Encyclopedia is a free, comprehensive, and authoritative online compendium of information about Oregon’s history and culture. With more than 850 entries and expanding daily, this is a reference for “all things Oregon, from the expected to the unexpected.” The Oregon Encyclopedia is a partnership of Portland State University, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English (OCTE), and the Oregon Historical Society.

This is an opportunity to re-energize one’s curriculum while practicing the principles of curriculum integration by designing relevant, authentic, and meaningful lessons. Participants will grapple with curriculum development that is integrated, differentiated, requires students to use critical and creative thinking, and addresses Oregon state standards. Participants will be expected to

  • Analyze the potential uses for the Oregon Encyclopedia in their classroom
  • Create relevant, meaningful, and authentic lessons for their classroom
  • Work collaboratively to design lessons that address the diverse needs of Oregon’s 21st-century classrooms.

CI 510 1 Graduate Credit
Instructor: Dr. Barb Ruben
Dates: Monday & Tuesday. 8am-1pm June 20 and 21, 2011
Location: PSU, Graduate School of Education, room 310

For more information contact Barb at

Oregon Encyclopedia - Oregon History and Culture

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